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OFERO NETWORK – 5 essential things

1. Ofero Network is an ecosystem with its own cryptocurrency – $OFE – built on the POS Elrond Blockchain and listed on the Maiar Exchange, in the Experimental category. The transition to the Community category depends on a few milestones that the Ofero Network project needs to reach over time and and which is constantly being worked on.

2. The main aim of Ofero Network is to make its $OFE currency useful in real life, through concrete actions, tools and investments, in several directions. At the same time, it aims to gather around it a strong community of investors and holders who will benefit (1) from the practical and immediate usefulness of the $ OFE cryptocurrency and (2) from the growth opportunity brought by the development of the project over time.

3. The Ofero Network team focuses on three clear and well-established directions:

(1) implementation of projects with immediate applicability of the currency and with real benefits in the short and medium term, for example Ofero Events, Ofero Rally, ofero.ro marketing platform;

(2) investments and the development of concrete long-term projects such as Ofero Energy, Ofero Academy, Ofero Innovation and Ofero HoReCa are meant to provide value and organic growth to the currency, implicitly profit and other advantages for investors.

(3) implementation of special reward and loyalty programs, such as $OFE Holder (completed), $OFE Farming (ongoing), $OFE Referral (immediately after $OFE Farming).

4. The main communication channels of Ofero Network:

Available charts:

5. Ofero Network is based on three pillar-principles that deserve to be known by investors/potential investors:

 (1) There are many ways to bring the usefulness of $OFE cryptocurrency to real life. Those ways are sought, identified, analyzed and implemented, then used in the interest of the project and investors for immediate or long-term benefits.

(2) Trust is built only with concrete results (from Ofero Network team) and with patience (from investors in the project).

(3) When the present and the future are uncertain and changing, adaptability is always a powerful tool to balance things.